Colfax Strong is for EVERYONE

​The core of Colfax lies in our community.

When you arrive here each day you are greeted with “hello’s”, high fives and questions about your day, not only from your coaches but from fellow members as well.


We are individuals who like to train hard while surrounding ourselves with a diverse group of people all working towards the same goal: fitness. We frequently host get togethers, competitions, holiday parties and community fundraisers. We are also fierce supporters of our military, first responders and our box is always open to anyone who wants to participate in our HERO events.

We believe we are stronger together - and in that spirit, we foster a safe and encouraging atmosphere where athletes of all fitness levels are empowered to change their lives for the better.

EXCEPTIONAL, that is what we stand for here at Colfax Strong.

And that all starts with a Goal.

We meet with every potential athlete, 30 minutes prior to their first free class. We learn about their goals, their desires, while at the same time, they learn about us. We find out what they want to achieve.

So, what is it that YOU want to achieve?
Most people walk through our doors with something that sounds like "I want to lose ... kgs", "I want to tone up", "I want smaller legs.. stomach.. arms..”

Weight loss and muscle tone are a pleasant side effect of the training you will experience here with us but more importantly you will learn how empowering it is to create goals that are not body image related.

You will achieve things you never thought possible when you walk through our doors.