Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Each year CrossFit Headquarters hosts an online, global 5 week event called The CrossFit Open. For 5 weeks, starting October 10th, a workout will be released.  All athletes have until the following Monday evening to complete and enter their score.

While the 5 weeks is used by the CrossFit Games to identify and eventually crown the fittest man, woman, and team on Earth, it’s an amazing opportunity for all of us.

For us the Open is all about having fun.

The competition side of it isn’t about finding out how you can exercise against the 400,000+ other people worldwide who participate. It is to help the you and the other CrossFit Colfax athletes  to push to new levels in fitness and accomplish things you’ve been working on and weren’t so sure you could do. The competitive side helps do that.

More so, it’s about community and a way for you to be part of it. Fitness is what we do here, but community is what we build. You can show up and get better at thrusters and pull-ups on your own but it’s much more fun to have people cheer for you, encourage and help you accomplish things you never thought you could and for you to do the same for others all while getting tons of high fives, fist bumps and warm and fuzzy feelings from the CrossFit Colfax community.

ALL skill levels can participate…there are Rx, Scaled, Teens, and even Masters (50+) versions of the workouts.


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