Thanks CrossFit Colfax!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020


We are so proud of your accomplishments and hard work! Check out his inspirational story below!

*First picture at 320 lbs.

*Before CrossFit: 212 lbs. & 22% body fat

*Now pictures: 183 lbs & 16% body fat

Questions with Blake

1) What brought you to Crossfit Colfax? What are you continuing to like? • I have been working on weight loss for a little over 2 years. The first year I solely worked on my diet and went from 320 lbs to 212 lbs. At that point, I hit a major plateau for half a year. I decided it was time to go to the next level and start exercising. I started walking on the treadmill. I was not sure if I would even be able to keep a consistent walking routine as I had tried exercising in the past and always given up. I kept with it though and started adding in short bursts of running. It hurt like hell, but I slowly worked up to running short distances. This is where my exercise motivation really started kicking in. I could see the fat coming off again and was starting to actually be able to envision myself as a lean athlete. This pushed me to want to do even more than running. I wanted to completely transform my body so I knew it was time to get to the gym to start working on more than just fat loss. I started with Planet Fitness for a little over a month but I wanted and needed something more intense to push me above and beyond. I had heard little about CrossFit other than it was intense. I was intimidated initially but I took the leap and went for it and I am so glad I did! I keep coming back because I feel it is helping me become a better person in many different ways. Thanks to CrossFit, my confidence is soaring which has helped me beyond measure in every aspect of my life. 2) What were your initial goals? • Starting CrossFit, I wanted and still want to improve my physical aesthetics and become an athlete again (I loved sports as a child). 3) How has your weight loss journey been? What have been some highs and lows? • I tried losing weight many times before but I only ever lasted a week at a time. I never had much motivation or reason to lose weight. I was content with being lazy and doing nothing day-to-day, aside from laying on the couch and watching TV. It's still hard to understand what was so different at the start this time, but I stuck to it and the weight came off rapidly. I lost the vast majority of my excess fat within the first year. After that, I started having more trouble as my metabolism wasn't nearly as high. I kept plateauing requiring me to learn more and more about nutrition so I could adapt and continue losing. The most helpful thing I did was subscribing to Home Chef, a weekly meal kit. It taught me that tasty food doesn't have to mean pizza, munchies, and soda. Vegetables taste good too if you cook them right!

4) What are you most proud of in this process? • I'm proud that I've learned to enjoy taking care of my body. It is no longer a chore for me to eat nutritious food and I'm genuinely disappointed when my exercise routine gets interrupted causing me to have to skip a workout. 5) Future goals? • I'm working really hard to have a totally flat belly. It might not be 100% achievable as I'll likely have more loose skin than I would have hoped for, but I'm doing everything I can to minimize it!

Again, Blake, we are so proud! Keep up the hard work!


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