From a nutrition standpoint, total daily energy consumption (calories) is the most important player when it comes to weight management, but protein intake is probably the second most important. So how much protein should we consider eating? The Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) to prevent protein deficiency is .8g of protein per kg of bodyweight (.36g/lb). This is the minimal intake requirement so we literally don't waste away. If we want to build a lean physique with a high revving metabolism (aka burn lot's of calories), then we're concerned with the optimal protein intake rather than the minimal!  Yeah, yeah, yeah… but how much protein should one probably eat?!

  • For basic protein synthesis, we don’t need to consume more than 1.4g to 2.0g/kg (around 0.64g-0.9 g/lb) of protein per day. 1g protein per lb of target bodyweight works well for a lot of people, whether they’re trying to build muscle or retain it while losing weight.

  • Plus, consuming higher levels of protein can help us feel more satisfied which helps us consume an energy balanced diet overall. Read; if we fill up on protein first, we’re less likely to subsequently over consume junk food. This is mission critical for weight management and weight management is critical for our health, not just aesthetics.

  • High protein diets should be split up in at least a few meals a day, but there’s no reason (or research showing) there's any benefit to eating a very high number of meals a day. So no, eating every 2 hours or something does NOT “stoke” your metabolism.

Application: How many meals do you typically eat in a day? Let’s use an example of 4 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, snack/post workout, and dinner). If your goal is 150g protein a day, you could shoot for 35g-40g per meal and you’d be at 150g protein by the end of the day! Personally I try to be within +/-10g of my protein each day 💪.

Written by - Jared Mathieus - Precision Nutrition L1

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