How do I Meal Prep?

How do I meal prep?

Whether you track your food or not, it’s pretty challenging to consume sufficient protein, fiber and micronutrients without over-consuming calories if you’re not preparing some foods yourself. Meal prep is unique for everyone. If you’re picky and want fancy meals, well you’re going to have to put in more effort. Luckily, even a little effort in the kitchen can go a long way towards you having the fuel you need to thrive in and outside of the gym. There are infinite ways to approach meal prep but I have a “mix and match system” for my lunches and dinners that allows me to have a lot of variety from a really easy base of cooking. I’m able to cook 4+ days of tasty food and clean up in about 90 minutes. Below is a sample week of my meal prep (NOT a meal plan). I prep about 75% of my food but there’s some guilt free Chipotle, Sushi, and ice cream thrown in here and there when I’m out with friends or family. These meals work for me but YOU should eat the foods YOU enjoy. If you don’t like a certain meal or ingredient swap it out! There’s nothing special about any specific food choice, more-so just that this is a high protein, high fiber, and micronutrient rich combination of foods that I enjoy eating. Breakfast: Blueberry chocolate chip pancakes + bacon egg white omelette (This is my pre-workout meal about 2 hours before I start working out) Bulk Ingredients for pancakes:

  • Kodiak Cakes - 400g

  • Blueberries (frozen) - 300g

  • Chocolate Chips - 60g

  • Milk - 15oz

  • You may need to add some water as you go

  • Syrup - (Calorie free syrup exists and it’s damn good if you need to save carbs)

Omelette is just 100g egg whites and an egg with 1-2 pieces of bacon on top.

Directions: Mix batter, lightly spray pan with coconut oil cooking spray, and cook pancakes to desired size. If you’re tracking your food use the recipe feature for accurate macros 👌

Snacks/meals if you’re in a hurry: Strawberry banana and spinach protein smoothie (I use this as a post workout) Ingredients:

  • Milk - 8oz (Any milk is fine)

  • Strawberries - 145g

  • Banana - 1

  • Spinach - 60g (You can’t even taste it. Stop giving me that look lol.)

  • Whey protein powder - 1 scoop

Directions: Pre- blend all ingredients besides protein powder. Then add powder and blend again.

Greek Yogurt + Granola + Nut Butter Ingredients:

  • Vanilla greek yogurt - 150g

  • Granola - 60g (pick any kind you like but some are higher in fiber than others)

  • Nut Butter - 32g (Sub in Pb2 if you want to keep fat low)

  • Chocolate Syrup - (Hershey’s Lite Syrup can cut down carbs and still give that chocolate satisfaction)

Directions: Place ingredients in a bowl - but remember the first bite is with the eyes 🤤

Lunches and dinners to mix and match throughout the week:

Here’s where the magic happens… Pick (2-3) lean protein sources + (2-3) carb sources + (2-3) veggies. I usually do:

Video: Prepping protein in bulk Video: Prepping veggies in bulk

  • Protein: (2) lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast + (2) lbs of flank steak + I keep some frozen, peeled and deveined shrimp around

  • Carbs: Potatoes + Rice (ANY potato and ANY rice is fine. Pick the kind you like.)

  • “No cook” carb sources for like taco shells, bread, bagels, cereal, pre-cooked microwavable potato and rice are great to keep around as well

  • Veggies: Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Spinach, zucchini and yellow squash

  • (frozen veggies are 100% fine but sometimes the water from thawing can make them soggy so I use “fresh” veggies if baking).

  • Plenty of sauces and seasonings, the more the better. Mrs.Dash Onion & Herb is a must.

Here are some Lunch/dinner examples: Salsa Chicken + Rice + Beans + Bell Peppers + Taco Sauce + Guac Cup + Cheddar Forgot beans in the “before” picture. I usually cook the fresh peppers on the stove top in seasoning, then add beans to the pan, then shred and add the chicken, then finally the rice. Top with guac, taco sauce and cheese if desired.

BBQ Chicken + Rice + Broccoli + Pepper Jack Cheese Plate and zap in the microwave. Not gonna get much easier than this.

Flank Steak + Potatoes + Ketchup & Mustard Because I’m from Wisconsin and I very frequently crave the “burger and fries meal.” I find reheating red meat on the stove top much better than the microwave.

Frozen Shrimp + Whole Grain Noodles + Zucchini + Yellow Squash + Pasta Sauce Super easy to throw together. Thaw shrimp in water for like 30+ min. Spray a pan with cooking spray then cook in cajun seasoning. In the same pan, mix noodles, veggies and sauce then top with shrimp. #Onedish

I hope this was helpful. If you’re curious what it’s like to work with me as your nutrition coach, checkout some testimonials here. If you want to actually talk about working together, schedule a free call here!


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