GET READY FOR THE OPEN - Gymnastics Workshop

The Open is right around the corner! Which means time for a gut check on all the gymnastic movements you still need to work on. If you still feel like there is a missing link in your gymnastic abilities now is the time to start working on them! You have 3 weeks before the first Open announcement. What will it be? Bar Muscle Ups… Kipping Pull-ups… Handstand Push-Ups… Fear not! Scott will be hosting a 3 part gymnastic series on all 3 of these different skills. Starting next week September 27th at 6:30pm and September 29th at 10am Scott will be hosting the first of a 3 part series which will be covering kipping Pull-Ups, C2B’s, and T2B’s. The series is built out in an order that most efficiently works off of each other. So in order to get the full benefit of the series come join all 3! However, if you would like to focus on one of these skills you can do that as well! If you buy all 3 sessions you will receive a discounted price of $95. For only one session it will cost you $35. The fee for this workshop will be added to your monthly membership dues and charged at the first of the month. The flyer will be printed out tomorrow and posted next to the kiosk! If you would like to participate in all 3 or only 1 of the sessions you can also respond to this email! Thanks y’all!!

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