Fun Adult Activities To Do At-Home

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

#1: Find “Google Easter Eggs”

Did you know that if you type in Wizard of Oz, and click on the sparkly, Ruby Red slippers…you get a surprise? Then if you click on the tornado in the next screen…you get an even cooler one?

These are called Google Easter Eggs, and there are many that have been encoded into the search engine by engineers with a sense of humor (or, too much time on their hands – you be the judge).

Here’s a list of the best Google Easter Egg

#2: Take a Free Online Cooking Class

There are loads of free online cooking classes now. A few notable ones:

#3: Participate in NaNoWriMo

Tons of courageous (and, maybe bored) people around the world participate in something called National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short).

The goal is to complete 50,000 words by the end of the month. Here’s the website where you can find lots more details plus a community to duke out your writer’s block with. Who knows who you might meet? (Just sayin’.)

#4: Try New Foods at Grocery Stores

Not going grocery shopping in-person anytime soon? Then go ahead and challenge yourself to order something exotic to you each time you order your groceries online. Trying new ingredients is fun! Use it in a new recipe too!! Pinterest is an amazing place to find easy and healthy recipes!!

#5: Do Meditative Coloring

Print out an intricate, free Mandala page, grab whatever set of coloring tools you have, and get lost for an hour. Or color these Native American Dream Catcher coloring pages.

#6: Figure Out Your Colors

Have you ever had your “colors” done? I did, when I was a kid. It turns out that each person's complexion and eye colors and overall tones lends itself to certain color palettes over others. Using this free tool,, you can figure out which season of colors complements your skin best.

#7: Get to Know Yourself Better with Free Quizzes

Who doesn’t love taking a quiz and finding out information about their personality, natural tendencies, and character traits?

Here are some of my favorite free quizzes to take:

#8: Go On a Run….with Zombies

Have you ever heard of the Zombies, Run App? It’s totally free, and it’ll add a real splash of color to any run you take.

#9: Create a Bucket List for Your Life

Daydreaming and thinking about the future can be fun! Not to mention, productive (because you can then pull from this to set up your next savings goal).

#10: Learn a new language (well, get started at least)

Free: Coursera, Duolingo, Busuu, Babbel, edX

#11: Tour famous museums online

Google Arts & Culture has virtual tours of several famous art museums from throughout the world. They also have incredible pictures of famous works of art to view, inspect, and read about.

#12: Create an Etsy store

Are you an expert at arts and crafts? Do you draw or paint? Are you awesome at making graphic designs? There’s a magical place you can sell all of those things – Etsy! Anyone can start a store, it’s free.

#13: BuzzFeed Quizzes

I love BuzzFeed, and they always come up with great quizzes! Whether it's finding your Harry Potter house, find out what dog breed you are, what kind of junk food you are, and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

#14: 25 Baking Recipes For Self-Quarantine And Self-Care

To relieve some stress and pass the time, bake these cakes, cookies, loaves and more with your pantry ingredients.


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