EASY 4 Step Process to Making a Great Meal

Meal prepping can seem overwhelming as hell. The cooking, the Tupperware, choosing of recipes. All of it.

As a nutrition coach, it’s mind boggling how many people are willing to bust their butt in the gym 5 days a week, spend serious amounts of money on supplements, Lululemon, etc. but aren’t willing to spend an hour or 2 developing their kitchen skills at some point during the week.

Of course those are the people “mysteriously” not getting the results they see others getting.

At the end of the day, cooking is LITERALLY just following directions. Maybe that’s why you struggle with it 😂

But I digress…

Instead of going from 0-100, start small. Pick ONE recipe to try a week. If you did that over the course of a month, you’d have 4 recipes to mix & match based on what you are in the mood for. After 2 months, you’d have 8 recipes & you’d be a good cook by then.

There’s a ton of recipes out there, & choosing one is half the battle.

💥 I’ve built a great routine off of this easy 4 step process💥

1️⃣ go to Fitmencook.com/recipes - ladies you’ll love it too I promise! Search for whatever you’re in the mood for. E.g. chili.  Pick a recipe that’s appealing to you.

2️⃣ copy & paste the ingredients into the notes section of your phone & make it a checklist

3️⃣ Drive your ass to the grocery store & pick up your items

If you’re whispering “I’M TOO BUSY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.” Get off iNsTaGrAm after reading this & just go to the damn store like an adult. Or get them delivered idc. But for the love of god, & your future self, and your coach’s sanity stop clinging to the BS excuse you’re too busy.

4️⃣ 99% of @fitmencook recipes have a video. Put your computer on the kitchen counter, play the video, & follow along.

Idk about you, but as a human being I plan on eating food the rest of my life. So I’m glad my food is awesome. It’s “normal” these days to hate on cooking and eat like shit. But like, look around, most people won’t cook & it shows. If that’s “normal” is that really what you want? Doubt it. So step up your cooking game this week. Go try a recipe! Want some more support and guidance on your nutrition journey? Let’s jump on a free phone call and talk about your goals so you can achieve them!


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