Join our Colfax RUN CLUB here at CrossFit Colfax to learn and perfect running techniques, improve your run times and overall cardiovascular conditioning, as well as prep and train for any upcoming races or events!

What to expect? All classes will be coach-led and will cover running techniques with drills, interval runs or longer runs, other aerobic based and plyometric exercises with the overall goals of increasing endurance & cardiovascular fitness.

Who’s the class for: - Runners or aspiring runners looking to improve form, pace and times - Individuals looking to boost performance - CrossFit athletes looking to improve their aerobic fitness and running ability - Anyone wanting to get in better shape

- People training for:

- Ironman

- 5K

- 10K

- Triathlon

- Tough Mudder

- Spartan Race

- Marathon

- Murph


You don't have to be in running or CrossFit shape to do it! We'll do some testing in the some sessions and use your run times in the following sessions for specific pacing to achieve desired goal times for the mile and 5k.

It's a perfect opportunity to prepare for upcoming events!!!!!!

Dates: Colfax Run Club will start on January 12th at 11:30am and continue every Sunday after that!


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