Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We’re all home, on lock down. If we do go out, we want to be as protected as possible.  With the spread of this virus, it is essential we do as much as we can to protect ourselves. To become more resilient.

How do we do this?

* Train hard

*Run sprints

*Lift weights

*Carry objects over distances

*Eat Healthy - Eat Smart

Putting your body under regular physical stress elicits a response that prepares your body for more stress. This means that when your body is faced with a foreign bacteria it will be better equipped to destroy it.

If washing your hands is the first line of defense in keeping bacteria out of your body, the health of your gastro intestinal tract is the first line of defense once bacteria enters your body. Keeping your gut healthy will dramatically improve your body’s ability to fight of invading bacteria.

Making small improvements in your diet and adding some strenuous exercise to your routine can go a long way in keeping you healthy all year round.

Food and exercise are how we build our immunity.  We need to put food in our bodies that help to promote a stronger immunity. 

Here’s a good starter list of foods that build an immune system:

  1. Citrus Fruits – Grapefruit, Oranges, Clementines, Lemons, Limes and Tangerines.  All of these are packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for our immune system.  Our bodies don’t store Vitamin C, so we need to provide it daily.

  2. Red Bell Peppers – These have twice the amount of Vitamin C as citrus Fruits.  A 1-ounce serving is a great way to get some extra Vitamin C.  An added bonus is that red bell peppers are a good source of beta carotene, so you can help your skin while you protect your health

  3. Broccoli – One of the best vegetables and packed with necessary vitamins and minerals.  Raw has the most power, but if you must cook it, try not to cook it too much.

  4. Garlic – Something found in most dishes, and has many immune boosting perks.  It will also aid in stabilizing blood pressure

  5. Ginger – Used for reducing inflammation (sore throat, for example) and used for anti-nausea and other illness related ailments.

  6. Spinach – Best served raw, so its great for a spinach salad.  Add some veggies and balsamic vinaigrette, with some added protein on top and you have a very clean, vitamin C, antioxidant packed lunch!  If you cook it, you actually enhance the vitamin A, so it’s not wasting its power to cook the spinach.

  7. Yogurt – Greek is best because it has live cultures, which will help fight for the immune system.  Lets of greek yogurts have added sugar, so if you’re looking for something cleaner, find a plain greek yogurt you like and sweeten it with fresh fruit and maybe some honey.

  8. Almonds – Packed with Vitamin E, which is also necessary for a healthy immune system.  This is also a healthy fat, so it’s  a great snack to stay healthy!


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