Chad & Esther Pinther

Chad and Esther Pinther are husband and wife owners of CrossFit Colfax. Our story began with two like-minded souls with a shared passion for fitness and health and helping others achieve their very best. Chad was a track & field and wrestling athlete and has been an international fashion and fitness model for over 20 years. Esther was a lifetime athlete herself, having competed as a level 10 gymnast and as a swimmer at the Olympic trials in butterfly. This helps us work with athletes from marathoners and triathletes to skiers, and snowboarders due to our extensive knowledge and background in sports. But we also specialize in weight loss and strength and conditioning for people from at any level of fitness.  Whether you are just getting started or an experienced athlete, we will work to help you achieve your fitness goals and become stronger, faster, and more flexible and do this all within a strong community that loves to work hard together!

Mallory Pettas
CF-L1 Trainer
Lexi Schmidt
 CF-L2 Trainer
  Nutrition Specialist

Mallory is an L1 certified and is one of our experienced FIT coaches. Growing up in Seattle, Mallory moved around quite a bit before finding some sun in Denver, CO. She was introduced to CrossFit in 2014 and loves how it changed her perspective on what it means to be "fit." Since she received her L1 cert, she has a major passion for coaching. She loves helping others achieve their goals, no matter where they may be in their fitness journey.

James Quigley
CF-L1 Trainer

James started doing CrossFit in 2011. He was playing rugby and looking to stay in shape and got hooked immediately. There wasn’t a box where he went to school so in November 2012 he got his coaching cert and started a club at school. They met in the mornings and on weekends and has been coaching ever since. In 2014 he discovered his second fitness love, powerlifting. At the time his squat clean max was 225 and his front squat max was 235. James wanted to be able to lift big. He's been splitting his time between Crossfit and power-lifting since. He loves to go heavy and is on an eternal search for the perfect squat. He likes to help athletes chase 1 rep maxes as well as develop their mobility to help perfect movements.



- CF-L1

- CPR/AED/First-Aid

Lexi Zadak Schmidt has been a Crossfit athlete since 2012 and has been coaching since 2016! She is a former special education teacher but made the career switch into fitness and nutrition a few years ago. She worked for a company for 2.5 years as a nutrition coach and part time Crossfit coach, but recently started her own private nutrition coaching company, LZS Nutrition Ltd, this past February! She received her nutrition certifications through NCI, Nutritional Coaching Institute, and has a passion in working with performance athletes, as well as clients who struggle with various health, hormone and autoimmune conditions. She believes the key to a healthy, energetic life begins with what we put in our bodies! She takes a very holistic and functional approach to nutrition coaching and adapt to meet the needs of any individual lifestyle. When shes not busy nerding out on nutrition articles or training in the gym, she loves to spend my free time traveling and adventuring with her husband.


- CrossFit L2

- Nutritional Coaching Institute Level 1

- Hormone Specialty

- Mindset Specialty

- Gut Health Master Class

Scott Combs
CF-L2 Trainer
Adam Baca
CF-L1 Trainer

Adam comes from a major fitness background and has a constant thirst for optimal fitness and health which led him to begin doing CrossFit in August 2018. He immediately noticed the benefits that came from CrossFit foundations and programming which led him to acquire his CF-L1 in September of 2018. Adam is very experienced in all CrossFit/Training movements but specializes in Gymnastics and Olympic lifting. He has constant drive to better all athletes and help achieve whatever their goals are, whether that be weight-loss/management, cardio/strength training, sport specific training, or creating a simple active and healthy lifestyle.





Early 2014, Scott began his journey with CrossFit when a friend of his invited him to check out CrossFit. Scott immediately fell in love with the high intensity interval training that CrossFit had to offer. He realized it was the perfect combination of cardio and strength training; something he had been working hard to find a balance between for many years.

Scott’s passion to teach CrossFit stems from several years spent working at the University of Kansas Hospital. After taking care of patients with medical disorders that could have been easily managed, or even eliminated through proper physical fitness, Scott decided to take a step toward preventative “medicine”. After 2.5 years, Scott has finally been able to use the methodologies of CrossFit, USA Weightlifting, and ACE to make an impact in the lives of those living in Denver, CO.


- CF-L2 Trainer

- USAW Level 1 Coach

- ACE Certified Health Coach

- AHA Basic Life Support Certified (CPR and AED)

Kasey Learned
CF-L1 Trainer

Kasey is a fifth-generation Colorado native born and raised in Denver and grew up just down the street from Crossfit Colfax!  After high school, Kasey and his then-fiancé, now wife, moved to New York City and eventually Long Beach, CA, they moved back home in 2014.  He started doing Crossfit in 2010 in Long Beach, CA, after doing various fitness programs and found the most significant success through Crossfit programming, Olympic style weightlifting, and strength training.  Kasey and his wife, Allison, own several successful interactive murder mystery dinner shows spanning from coast to coast with a cast size of 500+ actors. 


Kasey was initially was a member of Crossfit Colfax from 2015-18 until he took on the journey to become a Coach in early 2018.  And now he's back as a Coach and is incredibly proud to be a part of the Crossfit Colfax family and community and looks forward to coaching a growing stronger fitter Denver!




CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate


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