colfax FIT - 17% off your membership

Here's the deal. Its holiday time and we think its a great time to deck the halls with sweat drops falling.  So, we want you to come in, take a free class.  If you like Colfax FIT and you sign up, you will get 17% off of your first month of membership. 

Email us here to let us know you are coming in!

Colfax FIT Class -  A great introduction to CrossFit while still getting a great workout


Perfect for those who:

- Love a great community workout, without as much heavy barbell work

- Enjoy a Boot Camp style class

- Need to modify due to injury/illness

- Are looking to improve their CrossFit skills

- Don't feel ready for CrossFit and want more time to master the basics

- Want some variety in their WODs 


Colfax FIT is a boot camp style class that is perfect for any and all people looking for

functional fitness.  Colfax FIT will offer you a multi varied fitness class with: kettle bell; body movement; running; rowing; and various other functional fitness movements!


Class Times

M-F 5:30 am & 5:30 pm as well as 6:30 pm on Mon, Tues, Wed

Sunday at 9 am



-Unlimited Colfax Fit (only) member - $120/month

-3x/week Colfax Fit (only) member - $100/month

-Couples Unlimited Colfax Fit (only) member - $220/month

-Current CrossFit Colfax members - Colfax FIT class is included as a normal CrossFit class to your membership

* temporary changes to unlimited Colfax FIT member for current members available at coaches discretion (i.e. for injury)

More Questions?

Contact us at


1516 Emerson St. 

Denver, CO 80218

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